10 Actors You Won’t Believe Have Never Won An Oscar

It’s way too depressing having to live in the world where some of the best and most loved actors and actresses in the world have never been awarded by the Academy. Here are the top 10 Actors You Won’t Believe Have Never Won An Oscar.

List of 10 Actors You Won’t Believe Have Never Won An Oscar

Marilyn Monroe10) Marilyn Monroe:

This classic actress, model and singer who is famous for playing “dumb blonde” characters hasn’t won an Oscar as well. From movies like How to Marry a Millionaire, which focused on comedy to movies like noir Niagara, which focused on her sex appeal, she has done it to reach into every poster in a young man’s wall. Although her sudden and tragic death had left many of us sad, her movies still are in the planet, breathing in and out through our lifetime.

Richard Gere9) Richard Gere:

It’s really surprising knowing that he has never even been nominated for an Oscar. Who might not have cried watching Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and not have thought Gere in real life must be a good breeder. His phenomenal roles in Primal Fear, Pretty Woman and many such movies has established him as an actor with the soul of every occupation there exists.

Tom Cruise8) Tom Cruise:

Winning an Oscar for Cruise has been Mission Impossible. His Oscar nominated roles in the movies Born On The Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire and Magnolia, 3 , has earned him a lot of popularity, but not an Oscar. But we can all expect him to keep our mind blown with every project he puts his hand on.

Michelle Pfeiffer7) Michelle Pfeiffer:

Michelle Pfeiffer has been nominated 3 times for an Oscar: Love Field, Dangerous Liaison and The Fabulous Baker Boys. She gained mainstream attention with her breakout performance in Scarface. Her role in commercial movies such as Batman Returns(1992) and Hairspray(2007) were also considered out of the page. However, her not winning an Oscar is and out-of-page of the Academy.

Julianne Moore6) Julianne Moore:

This actress has been nominated for the Oscar 4 times: The End Of The Affair, Boogie Nights, Far From Heaven and The Hours. This British-American actress has touched our hearts with her awesome screen skills. And there are screen times where she has made us cry, one of which being not winning an Oscar

Harrison Ford5) Harrison Ford:

We all know that Han shot first, just not at the Oscar it seems. He has been nominated once for the movie Witness, but has not won any for his freaking awesome Star Wars movie franchise. I mean, seriously!!!

Bruce Willis4) Bruce Willis:

One might say that Willis is an avid collector of the Golden Globe. We just wish he gets nominated for and wins an Oscar for one of those upcoming Die Hard movies. But the Academy seems a bit paranoid as they think he might be a ghost (sixth sense).

Brad Pitt3) Brad Pitt:

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button actor has left us curious on the topic of him winning an Oscar. Being nominated for the movie, and other two movies; Moneyball and 12 Monkeys, this actor has yet to receive the actual prize he deserves.

Johnny Depp2) Johnny Depp:

Who isn’t a fan of the classic Jack Sparrrow. This exceptional actor has been nominated for the role in The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2004. He has also been nominated in two separate occasions; one in Finding Neverland and in Sweeny Todd, both in the same year 2005.

Leonardo Dicaprio1) Leonardo Dicaprio:

Seems like Leo’s top is still spinning (an Inception reference). He has been nominated 4 times in total: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Aviator and Blood Diamond. Not once he has been close to an Oscar win though. But we do have our fingers crossed for his upcoming project, The Revanant, directed by the Academy Award winning director, Alejandro González Iñárritu. Finally he won a Oscar. Bravo!!

Each February, the Academy gives out four acting awards to some of Hollywood’s best performances of the year. These include Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. This leaves many actors who gave amazing performances without an Oscar of their own, and over the years some of the best actors are continuing same story again and again. Hope some of the actor will put them out from the list of 10 Actors You Won’t Believe Have Never Won An Oscar. Finger crossed!

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