10 Chain Smokers in Bollywood

There are more than a billion smoker on the planet. Out of them 120 million are in India alone. Among those 120, who’s to say any ten of them are not random Bollywood celebrities. This might come as a shocker for a lot of fans, but some of these actors don’t only smoke on-screen. Here are top 10 famous actors from Bollywood who smoke in real life.

List of 10 chain smokers in Bollywood

10 chain smokers in bollywood

1) Salmaan Khan

Many of you might be going “Whaaat??” right now. But it’s true that our Bajrangi bhaijaan is one of the Bollywood smoker. It might come as no surprise now that the cigarette he throws is picked by his staff and reused by them. Recently, he’s known to have suffered from a disease which caused him acute pain, and required immediate surgery. The doctor has strongly advised Salman to quit smoking.

2) Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, the one who is always seen on-screen playing depressed roles, might also be depressed in real life as she occasionally bumps one. We sure have seen her smoke in movies like Fashion, Tanu Weds Manu and Gangster. But people might have assumed she smoked for the roles only. Wrong!!!! She is a real life smoker as well. She herself admitted her habit saying that it’s her personal choice and that she is a chain smoker in real life.

3) Shah Rukh Khan

It is known that Shah Rukh’s father had died from cancer as his father was a heavy smoker. However, the fact hasn’t stopped Shah Rukh from Smoking. He is a chain smoker. In early 2010, he admitted that he was going to quit smoking for the sake of his children. But we have also had moment where he admitted that he can’t live without smoking.

4) Rani Mukherjee

Rani is another chain smoker in the chain of Bollywood smokers. We rarely see her smoking on-screen. But in real life, she is so much of a smoker that she had had quarrels on the topic of her smoking in her home. Between her scenes on the set, she can be seen continuously smoking on the screen.

5) Saif Ali Khan

Saif is another smoker we come to know as a popular smoker in Bollywood. Saif Ali khan had once suffered from severe chest pain. He had to undergo angiography and since then, he has reduced his smoking. We all wonder what bebo would think of his smoking habits.

6) Sushmita Sen

This beauty pageant turned Bollywood actress is also a chain smoker. However, none of her smoking effects can be seen on her beauty. She admits that she does what’s best for her and at times of stress she considers smoking to be the best for her.

7) Sanjay Dutt

From a young age, Sanjay Dutt was addicted to cigarettes. His application to the court for E-cigarette got rejected during his jail term and he was asked to quit smoking.

8) Ranbeer Kapoor

Ranbeer Kapoor is also a chain smoker in nature. He has been fined for public smoking as well. However, quitting smoking for him was never easy. He certainly cannot stick to his resolution of kicking the butt.

9) Ajay Devgan

Many of you might notice the stains on teeth of Ajay Devgan. By the looks of that, we all could assume that he smokes, and he really does. He is also seen smoking on-screen in many occasion. He has also been fined for smoking in public places.

10) Hrithik Roshan

It’s not his sixth finger, it’s a cigarette in his hand. Surely we are very disappointed by the fact that this actor is also a smoker. Reporters have frequently seen him smoking while shooting for the film Guzarish. He used to be a chain smoker, and now admits that he is slowly tapering off it.

P.S. Smoking is Injurious to Health. Say No to Smoking.