10 Flops Hindi Movie Of 2015

We’ve talked about the Bollywood hits of 2015. Now let’s check out some of the biggest disappointment of the year so far. This year had a lot to offer from Bollywood in both hit and flop section. Some movies were hit due to story and some due to direction and actor’s efforts. However, there still are some movies that made it to the screen this year with well reputed actors on the set, yet couldn’t succeed in the box office, neither in people’s heart. Here are the top ten list of flops Bollywood Films.

List of 10 Flops Hindi Movie Of 2015

10. Bombay Velvet

Bombay Velvet

Our list starts off with Ranbir Kapoor starrer, Bombay Velvet, in number one position. This Anurag Kashyap directed movie couldn’t offer much to the audience even though it had well received actors and actresses. Even the trailers of the movie had already started to spread bad reviews about the movie which couldn’t drag a lot of audience to the theaters and became one of the biggest box office disappointment of 2015.

9. Roy

roy - flop 10 hindi movie

Another flop of the year is, once again, a Ranbir Kapoor starrer, Roy. The movie had a very good opening, yet towards the end of it, the movie started to drift apart, which attracted a lot of bad reviews. The movie still confuses if the movie was a Ranbir Kapoor starrer or a Arjun Rampal starrer !!!

8. Tevar

tevar - flop 10 hindi movie

Arjun Kapoor’s Tevar had everyone expecting that this was gonna be a splendid performance from him. The movie had high investment and a lot of directorial effort, yet couldn’t meet the audience expectation, nor could display any promising acting and story based movie.

7. Mr. X

mr x - flop hindi film

Much like the plot of the movie, the movie itself went Mr. X on the box office. The movie was a 3D adaptation where Emran Hashmi played an invisible man’s role. The film, unfortunately, fizzled out in the theaters.

6. Shamitabh

samitabh - flop hindi film of amitabh and dhanush

The movie had Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush working together, along with debut from Kamal Hassan’s daughter, directed by the brilliant R. Balki. The movie, due to poor promotional themes, and a very dumb trailer had audience believe the movie wouldn’t be any good, and thus suffered a lot in the box office.

5. Dirty Politics

dirty politics - flop film bollywood

Was there even a movie named Dirty Politics this year?? Oh, right, there was, and it starred Mallika Sherawat after a long time. Yet, the movie couldn’t grab any attention. Also, the movie suffered a lot of controversies around it, which couldn’t help the movie do any good.

4. Ab Tak Chhappan 2

ab tak chhappan 2

We all loved the first part of Ab Tak Chhappan. But it’s sequel was something no one expected. This movie as well suffered lack of promotion as people were less aware of the sequel coming out this year.

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3. Kuch Kuch Locha Hai

kuch kuch locha hai

Sunny Leone tasted her first flop this year. The movie themed around mixing sensuality and family appeal, which wasn’t a good combination, and also the movie suffered poor direction. Audience present in the theatres must have only present in order to see Sunny Leone.

2. Hawaizaada


Hawaizaada is another movie that took a long time to complete the making and didn’t make a lot in the box office. The movie didn’t last long in the theaters as the subject matter of the movie was pretty flaky.

1. Ishqedarriyaan

Ishqedarriyaan - super dooper flop film

Much like other movies of the year, this was another movie that less people were aware of the release. The film’s promotion was not adequate and also had a poor release. The movie was supposed to be a comeback vehicle for Mithun’s son Mahaakshay. Yet, he suffered a big loss with this movie being a flop.

This is all about 10 Flops Hindi Movie Of 2015. You can add other if you think some other should be here.