10 Most Viewed Dashain Songs

This is the compilation of 10 most viewed Dashain Songs on Youtube. It is obvious that older the video on youtube, may have more view than newer. Similarly, there may be more than one upload of song. So it is neither the ranking of public choice nor indicating the success of songs. That’s why we have mentioned the reference time on title of this post. We have counted top most viewed for the same song and given next ranking for another one.

We have counted it on Dashain of 2071, Friday 3, October 2014 is the exact date of data compilation. You can enjoy this compilation as you don’t need to search for the most viewed youtube dashain songs.

Number 10: Dashain and Tihar by Abhishek Shrestha (aka Satya Shrestha) and Pratik Thapa

This is the 10th most viewed Dashain Song with view count 1,40,336 and is uploaded on 31 October 2008. This song is written and composed by Pratik Shrestha and sang by Abhishek Shrestha and Pratik Shrestha.

Number 9: dashain tihar auda by bishnu khatri
Dashain Tihar Auda is a sad Nepali Folk song by Bishnu Khatri. It is unofficially uploaded on youtube on 31 January 2010 and has 143,325 Page views.

Number 8: Yo Dashain Ma Aaudainau Jasto Chha
This is the song written and composed by Kamal GC and sung by Shreedevi Devkota and Kulendra BK. This is uploaded on youtube on Aug 29, 2014 and viewed 155,466 times.

Number 7: Faujilai kun ho Dashain Kun ho Chad Tihar by APF (Armed Police Force)
An unofficial upload of APF Song has 157,457 views. It is uploaded on youtube on 28 November, 2009.

Number 6: Raifalko Sirani by APF
Again Song from APF. It is uploaded on 30 November 2009 and has 163,908 views.

Number 5: Dashain Tihar by Sugam Pokharel
Another upload of this song is on 7th position with view 149,311. But this song has 199,874 views and placed on number 5 and uploaded on youtube on 27 October 2012.

Number 4: Pardesiko Dashain Tihar by Rameshraj Bhattarai and Devi Gharti
Pardesiko Dashain Tihar New Dashain Tihar by Rameshraj Bhattarai and Devi Gharti was uploaded on 29 September 2013 and has 266,873 views.

Number 3: Dhanko bala by APF
This is parody of Kalkate Kainyo. It was uploaded on 29 November 2009 and has 274,418 views.

Number 2: Dashain nai ho ki yo mero dasha by Yougeshwor Amatya
This is the most popular Nepali Songs for Dashain. I think this is more popular on other electronic media than youtube. It has 280,278 views which was uploaded on 4 October 2007.

Number 1: Dashain Mangal Dhoon/Dhun by Sur Sudha
In deed, it deserves this. It is the widely used instrumental dhoon for dashain celebration and advertisement during festivals. It was uploaded on 11 August 2009 and has 340,698 views.

Do you want to add some more popular Dashain Special songs on list? Please comment form is yours.
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