10 Specialty About Deepika

Deepika does some great movies. From bold and hot to cute and lovely roles, Deepika has done it all. Main reasons behind it can be some characteristics and specialty that Deepika possesses. These things also work as a source of inspiration for local audience. Today we take a look at ten of such special characteristics that Deepika posseses.

10 Specialty About Deepika

10 Specialty About Deepika

1. Discipline

Deepika says that in every work, discipline is a must, and she works in a disciplined manner in all her movies. She prepares for every shoot beforehand and also makes a routine for her practice day. North Indian inspired Deepika says that work should be done in a routine and disciplined manner and shouldn’t be taken as a joke.

2. Food

Delicious food are said to be Deepika’s weakness. Whether it is during a shoot, or when she is with her family, she has no idea how to control her food eating habits. She is really fond of chocolate and manages nibbling a bite every now and then.

3. Appreciation and Popularity

Deepika is much appreciated for her debut role in the movie Om Shanti Om. But her appreciation and popularity were achieved long before her debut from many TV commercials. She was already famous for her Liril soap ad and Closeup toothpaste ad.

4. Achievement and gifts

Deepika doesn’t only receive awards for her kickass roles in the movies. Her roles are much appreciated by many directors and producers and co-actors as well. Hence she is always achieving awards and getting gifts from her co-workers and other celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan to show appreciation for her work.

5. Turning Point

Deepika’s career took a new direction towards success after one hit dance single in the classic Himesh Reshammiya song Naam Hain Tera. Seeing her hard work and dedication, Farah Khan took her in the movie Om Shaanti Om.

6. Sportsmanship

Deepika not only being an actress is a decent Badminton player. It is rarely known, but Deepika is also a good baseball player. She has also taken participation in both the sports at a national level.

7. Love life

Deepika is also in the highlight for her love life. From Nihar Pandya to Ranveer Singh, to many others, her love life has had a great impact on her life according to her.

8. Career

Deepika was fated to play Om Shanti Om and not Saawariya. Deepika was first approached by Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Saawariya, but later Sanjay changed his mind and took Sonam Kapoor for the role. Deepika got to play Om Shanti Om. Both movies released on the same day, and Deepika was much in highlight than Sonam.

9. Rare achievement

Deepika is such a lucky actress that 4 of the movies that she has been in has collected more than 100 Crores. Such an achievement is rare for an actress in Bollywood.

10. Best people list

A list was generated by India Today of the best 50 people where Deepika was at the 7th position. Her brand value was said to be more than two hundred and seventy two Crore.

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