Before They Were Successful Movie Stars

No one is born actor from their mother’s womb. They all go through struggles in life, then struggles in industry and finally make it big. Some of the movie stars have really worked hard in their life to make it to the big screen. Here are some celebrities and their life before they were successful movie stars.


Rajnikant is the best known actor from South India. He is not only and actor, but is considered god by his fans and is worshipped by them. He even made a big impact on Bollywood. Before his acting career flew off, he was a bus conductor. Yeap, and his style of conducting and collecting tickets was really different which was liked by a movie director. He got his first break from his ticket collecting and bus conducting skills.

Akshay Kumar

The story of Akshay Kumar is also pretty interesting. He is a good martial arts performer. He started off as a stunt artist. But, even before that, he was a hotel waiter in Bangkok. Not only he was a waiter, but he also did part time cooking, and dish washing at times. His life turned around once he came to Bollywood to show his skills.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin is very well known for his role in movies that reflect reality. But in the past, Nawaz didn’t even have money to pay for his rent. Nawazuddin, before becoming a successful actor, was a security guard.

Ranbir Singh

Ranbir Singh became famous since his debut in Band Baaj Baraat. But his career didn’t start off as an actor. Before becoming an actor, Ranbir used to work at an advertising agency as a copywriter. After the suggestion of a close friend, he went on to follow acting.

Johnny Lever

Johnny was always a successful comedian. He used to sell pen for his master. When the sale used to occur, and he and his master used to begin the sales, he used to sell more pens than his master. The reason of none other than his ability to make people laugh. He started as a stand up comedian and then successively did comedy roles in movies.

R. Madhvan

R Madhvan is a talented person in Bollywood and South India. Just like his role in the movie 3 Idiots, he has a degree in Electronics Engineering. His dream was to become an actor. To manage his expenses before acting, he used to teach English language. Now not only he is popular in Bollywood, but also has done a Hollywood movie named Night of the Living Dead.

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti is sister to Priyanka Chopra. But she didn’t enter Bollywood from her sister’s side. To be fair, she didn’t always wanted to be an actress. She wanted to become a banker. At first, she worked at the public relations section of Yash Raj.

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