Best Nepali Tihar Songs Must Listen To Complete Your Tihar Celebration

It is totally shameful that government of Nepal threats us not to play Deusi and not to use lights on houses otherwise they will cut off electricity on houses. BUT, who cares? Nobody can imagine celebration of Tihar without Songs, lots of lights and late night dance. These are the vital elements of Tihar celebration and we know, Tihar is one of the most widely celebrating festivals on Nepal. Nobody, even our government can stop us to do so.

tihar song

We have number of songs for Tihar. Many of us like to dance on nepali filmy dancing numbers. It is not strange to dance in Tihar on Hindi songs. But our point is this, we have several Tihar songs. So we need to celebrate our festivals with our very own festival music and tradition.

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Here I am going to list some of most popular Tihar songs. I have ‘Nidharama larkaayera saptarangi tiko‘, ‘Tiharai aayo lau jhilimili‘, ‘Diyo bali Sanjhako‘, ‘hariyo gobarle lipeko, laxmi puja gareko‘, ‘jhilimili jhilimili deusi re‘ and other.

[box type=”tick”]Nidharama Larkaayera Saptarangi Tiko[/box]

[box type=”tick”]Aahai Jhilimili Jhilimili Deusi Re[/box]

[box type=”tick”]Tiharai Aayo Lau Jhilimili[/box]

[box type=”tick”]Diyo Bali Sanjhako[/box]

[box type=”tick”]Bhai Tikama Bhetna Aaunu by Raju Lama[/box]

This is my list. You can suggest us to add more. Please use comment box.