Bollywood Celebrities Faced With Legal Charges

Bollywood stars are an example to their audience. They try to portray as positive position in society as possible. But they are somehow unable to stay in the positive frame even after their hard effort. Common issues get them to face many legal matters which put them in a certain bad place in our heart. Today we take a look at those Bollywood celebrities faced with legal charges.

1. Salman Khan Faced Legal Charges

salman khan

Whenever it comes to illegal affairs, Salman’s name comes in everyone’s tongue. Not only in some common issues, but he also has faced serious criminal charges. He was charged with murder when he was accused of driving over a guy sleeping in footpath. Whether the accusation is true or false is for the court to decide. Apart from that, he was also jailed for killing/hunting black deer. In 2010, he also faces some controversial issue having presented some vulgar material in Bigg Boss, a reality TV show he hosted.

2. Shah Rukh Khan Faced Legal Charges

shahrukh khan

King Khan of Bollywood has also faces some charges. He is reported to have very angry and violent nature. His violent nature was seen when in 2012, he tried to start a brawl with cricket association’s chief, bad mouthing in front of him. He admits that he was drunk at that time. He is banned from stadium until 2017.

3. Saif Ali Khan Faced Legal Charges

Saif Ali Khan

Another Bollywood celebrity to get linked to the deer hunting and killing case is Saif Ali Khan. Apart from that, he was also seen in a brawl with a businessman when he was at a diner with his wife Kareena. He claims that the businessman tried to take his life away on the spot.

4. Govinda Faced Legal Charges


In 2008, Govinda was charged with assault for having slapped a guy during the shoot of “Money hai to Honey Hai”. There’s no strong evidence for it till the date, but the case in ongoing.

5. John Abraham Faced Legal Charges

John Abraham

John is very interested in motorcycles and fast riding. He is also a good racer. In 2006, when riding his bike, he injured two walkers. He was later bailed from the case, probably for his good behavior and good reputation.

6. Fardeen Khan Faced Legal Charges

Fardeen Khan

Even after having done a lot of movies, Fardeen is a rarely talked about actor. Fardeen was found in a cocaine scandal in 2001. In 2010 as well, he was caught with a gram of cocaine in his pockets. According to the narcotics law in India, he was charged accordingly.

7. Madhur Bhandarkar Faced Legal Charges

Madhur Bhandarkar

Madhur has faced a rape case. In 2006, he was reported to have a girl tempted with giving the lead role in a movie and was accused of trying to rape the girl. Because of no evidence, Madhur’s case was dismissed.

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