Bollywood Celebrities Who Denied Offer Worth Crores

Actors and actresses of Bollywood are very distinct on what kind of role they want to portray. Most of them try to portray such a role that set an example to the society and makes a good impact on human nature. They may do so through movies, television or even advertisements. But sometimes, Bollywood stars are seen rejecting offers of advertisement mostly in the Bollywood industry. They are very picky on the advertisement they do. Here are some Bollywood celebrities who have denied advertisement offer worth Crores of Indian currency.

Aamir Khan Denied Car Advertisement

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Aamir is not only a movie hero, but is also a real life hero for us. He has changed people’s thinking in many positive ways. He was offered to do an advertisement for a car for which he was offered 7 Crores. But he denied, as we know how picky Aamir is when it comes to his career.

Anushka Sharma Denied Adult Ads

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Anushka is one of those actresses who gets offered a lot of advertisements. But, she has denied the offer of an advertisement. According to her, the advertisement collected and presented issues of sexism. Hence, though the advertisement was worth Crores, she denied because she doesn’t want to set a bad example.

Kangana Ranaut Denied Face Cream Ads

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Just like films, Kangana is pretty choosy in case of advertisements she is offered. She was offered an ad for a face cream for which she would have been paid with 2 Crores IC. She directly rejected the ad. According to her, being popular comes with a lot of responsibility and thus not everything they desire can be done. She also added that the ad would uplift race discrimination, hence she had to deny.

Aishwarya Rai Denied Beauty Products Ads

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The beauty queen of Bollywood and Miss World from 1994 getting ad offers for a facial and beauty products is a common thing. She was offered a face cream ad along with Crores of income offer, which she denied for reasons that are still unknown.

Randeep Hudda Denied Beauty Products Ads

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Randeep is muscular and handsome. According to him, India is suffering from a disease of wanting to have a fair and bright face. Hence when it comes to advertising, Randeep is against playing fairness and beauty products ads. Hence, he is often rejecting Crores and Crores of earnings.

Chitrangada Singh Denied Fairness Cream Ads

Chitrangada Singh Left Closed Ones to Pursue Career

According to Chitrangada, the quality and scheme of fairness cream is pretty unfair. Thus she is also against advertising fairness products.

Ranbir Kapoor Denied Fairness Cream Ads

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Ranbir Kapoor as well thinks that advertising fairness cream supports racial discrimination. Following this principle, Ranbir never does and ad for fairness cream and refuses offers that could earn him Crores and Crores.

Abhishek Bachchan Denied Alcohol Brand Ads

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan’s alcoholic act as Nandu Bhide in Happy New Year has been much appreciated by all. But little did he know it would land him another job; that of endorsing an alcohol brand. A leading alcohol company approached to him last week. The source also revealed that Jr Bachchan was offered around Rs 7-10 crores for the endorsement. Abhi, however, denied the offer politely since he wasn’t particularly happy with the concept and also because he wanted to give out any wrong message to the youth.

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