Bollywood Couples With Younger Husbands

Often in the Asian culture, we have the belief that male should be older than female to have a husband-wife relationship. That is what’s seen most of the time. However, we do encounter people opposing to this culture a lot. Similar is the case in Bollywood. We have seen many actors, that we will talk about below, who are younger in age than their wives.

Abhishek – Aishwarya

Abhishek - Aishwarya

It is true that Ash is a little older than Abhishek Bachhan. She is about 2 years older than Abhishek. Ash is currently 41 and Abhishek is 39. The two got married in 2007 and also have a daughter.

Farhan – Adhuna

Farhan - Adhuna

Director, singer, writer, poet, composer, actor, what can Farhan not do. This multi-talented actor is about 7 years younger than his wife, Adhuna. Farhan currently ages at 41 while his wife is 48. The two were married in 2000. Yet, when encountered together, Adhuna looks quite a lot younger than Farhan. Recently, they have decided to live separately.

Saif Ali – Amrita

Saif and Amrita

Saif and his first wife, Amrtia, had a huge age difference. The two were married in 1991, and their marriage lasted till 2004. Amrita is about 12 years older than Saif. Saif’s current wife Kareena, however, is about ten years younger to him.

Dhanush – Asihwarya

Dhanush - Asihwarya

Dhanush married the daughter of Rajnikahnt, Aishwarya. The two got married in 2004. There’s not a big age gap between the two, but Dhanush is younger than Aishwarya. Aishwarya is about 6 months older than Dhanush.

Arjun – Meher

Arjun - Meher

The couple which was rumored to have broken up also have an younger husband and older wife. Arjun Rampal and his wife Meher Jesia have age gap of two years. Super model Meher is now 44 years old while Arjun Rampal is 42. The two were married in 1998.

Sunil – Nargis

Nargis and Sunil

Late Sunil Dutt’s wife, Late Nargis, was also senior to Sunil Dutt. Nargis was about 5 years older than Sunil. Nargis died at the age of 55 while Sunil died much later.

Aditya – Zarina

Aditya - Zarina

Old actor Aditya Pancholi’s wife is 6 years older than him. The two have a son named Sooraj Pancholi who was the lead in the movie Hero. The two were married in 1968.

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