‘Chapali Height’ Girl Binita Baral Is Writing Novel

Binita Baral, better known as ‘Chapali girl’, is well known for her hot avatar in her debut film “Chapali Height” which was successful in creating sensation in the sector back on 2012 B.S. She has done more than 50 music videos, two short movies, TV serials (Jiwan Chakra), advertisement and even worked as a VJ.

Like many overnight stars, things did not go well for her as well in the film arena. All other movies she played after “Chapali Height” were disaster and were able to slam door for this nepali actress. After which, she was again able to comeback in Nepali media but this time with a different cause. She had started professional farming and her photo of working in the field with hoe on one hand was once again successful in creating sensation in the sector.

still photo from chapali height full movieThese days she never gets tired talking about organic farming and vegetables. When asked once about her future desire, she had a dream of producing and directing films that makes difference in society. God knows about the status of ‘that’ dream, but today she is busy producing tomatoes and directing plugs in field and of course making difference in society. But again, she is coming up with something different like always. In the program organized by Media International on 25th September 2014, beautiful nepali actress unzipped her next tenure as a writer. As per her words, she is writing a novel regarding agriculture. In her previous interviews she had said that she loves reading and writing, this time her love for writing is coming out in the form of novel. Although she hesitates to flash the name of the novel now, she claimed to make it available in the market by the end of this year.

Speaking further in the program, she believed that agriculture is the basis for economic development of the country despite having bucket full of difficulties. “Agriculture sector is currently facing many troubles, sometimes you won’t get fertilizers and other time you won’t get market,” she added with a concerned note.

Let’s hope her new endeavor will take her to next height probably higher than ‘Chapali Height’ and her new novel will be successful in bringing out the stories of ‘agriculture’ to public . And who knows, one day you will again see this beautiful girl in silver screen producing and directing her own movie based on her own novel.