Chhabiraj Ojha, ex-husband of Rekha Thapa proposed Actress Shilpa Pokharel to marry

Producer Chhabi Raj Ojha who is ex-husband of famous nepali actress Rekha Thapa, indirectly proposed actress Shilpa Pokharel to marry with him. The actress Shilpa Pokharel has rejected his marriage proposal but has agreed to live together with him. In an interview with a television program Chhabi and Shilpa have told that they are willing to have living-together relationship.

Chhabi told, “If a girl like Shilpa is willing to marry me, I would jump in right away.” In response, Shilpa said that she is not ready to married now. She told, if Chhabi is willing to wait she could think about marriage. In the mean time, she also told that she is willing to have living-together relationship.

shilpa pokharel and chhabiraj ojha

Actress Shilpa Pokharel has been introduced by Chhabiraj Ojha in Nepali film industry with his film “Lajja“. “I am very happy with the acting skill of Shilpa. So I am going to cast her in my upcoming movies “Suntali Hawaldar” and “Lanka 2” as well.” Producer Chhabiraj Ojha added. He seems enough happy and proud with Shipa and called her as a number one heroine of Nepali film Industry.

At the time of interview, producer and actress couple were sharing coffee on a single cup. Based on their statements and their activities, anybody can guess that the relationship has gone a long way. Best of luck for newly made couple.

While Chhabi has found Rekha’s look-alike, Rekha Thapa has also found Sudarshan Gautam, the handless ‘Himmatwali’ actor. In a recent interview Sudarshan has revealed that he has already divorced his wife of 7/8 years and is available to marry.