Dashain Celebration of Nepali Celebs

Dashain is the biggest cultural festival in Nepal. It is the most favorable festival for meeting family members, relatives, eating, playing and enjoying.

Not only for the normal people, Dashain has noticeable attraction to our Nepali celebrities. Nepali celebrities consider Dashain festival as a major income generation festival. They make money through several programs on foreign lands and within the country. So they have busy schedule in Dashain.

We are here going to share some information about the Dashain Celebration of Nepali Celebs. Hope you will enjoy this.

rajesh hamal playing ping on dashain
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rekha thapa and sudarshan celerating dashain
Many of our celebrities do not like business engagement in Dashain. They like to celebrate Dashain with their family and relatives. We have compiled some of their photos taken during Dashin festival as a video.

In this video you can see Rajesh Hamal and his wife celebrating Dashain with his sister and daughter of sister. You can also see Karishma manandhar, Keki Adhikari, Mithilla Sharma, Rekha Thapa, Sudarsan Gautam, Malvika Subba, Richa Ghimire and other actor and actress.

If you have taken some photos of Dashain with Celebs, please feel free to share with us.