‘Euta Sathi’ And ‘Sorry La’ Released On 7 November 2014

Today, 7th of November 2014, two Nepali Movies are released in theatre all over the Nepal. With the name of movies, you can guess about their storyline. ‘Euta Sathi‘ means one friend in english which may symbolically refer to the love one. I am sure, it is the meaning of ‘Euta Sathi’ that can be seen on movies. Moreover, it might be a bad guess. Similarly, ‘Sorry La‘ indicates the condition of regretting something done knowingly or unknowingly and may use to show the state of not caring something in informal language in our community as well.
nepali film euta sathi and sorry la full online

Euta Sathi Nepali Movie

Romantic Love is a story of Euta Sathi and is directed by Laxman Subedi and produced by Ramchandra Khanal. Laxman Subedi is debuting as director from this movie. He is a journalist by profession. The movie ‘euta sathi‘ is featuring Salon Basnet, John Tamang and Rista Basnet on lead roles. Salon Basnet, son of director and producer Shovit Basnet, was very successful on his last movie ‘Hostel’. We can also expect more entertainment from him on this movie too.

We can see the cinematography of Suman Tadukar and Ganesh Shrestha and edit of Bipin Malla. Ramji Lamichhane and Gambhir Bista are the choregraphers of this movie where action director is Rajendra Khadgi. All music composed by Tanka Budhathoki and script is written by Sushil Pangeni.

Trailer of ‘Euta Sathi’

Sorry La Nepali Movie

The Nepali new movie ‘sorry la‘ is based on triangular love story which features Subash Thapa and Rajan Khatiwada as a male protagonist and Anita Acharya as a female protagonist. Anita is a popular model of Nepal who have won the Glam Hunt 2013 fashion contest. This is her first movie.

Actor Subash Thapa is quite popular nowadays in industry due to the brilliant acting on ‘Birkhelai Chinchhas‘ and is also known as Birkhe among the audience.

The movie Sorry La is directed by Rishi Lamichhane and produced by Krishna Bahadur Maharjan. The film is edited by Rabindra Khadka and Ramsharan Upreti is cinematographer. You can enjoy the action direction of Roshan Thapa and music is composed by Basanta Sapkota.

Trailer of Sorry La