Kapoor and Sons Movie Updates

Kapoor and Sons has been in theatres for more than a week now. The movie stars Aaliyah Bhatt, Fawad Khan and Siddharth Malhotra. Critics have reviewed the movie with positive responses till the time. So far, audience have also been widely attracted to theatres to see this movie. This movie can successfully be a more than hit at the box office as he mostly gets. However, the movie may not function on expected numbers because the movie targets mostly multiplex audiences. Today we analyze this movie based on its screen count till date and the budget allocated for the movie.

Budget for the movie

Kapoor and Sons have been made on a budget of 25 Crores. The 25 Crores was sole investment in the production of the movie. An additional 13 Crores investment was made for promotion and advertising. The movie, thus, was made with a collective budget of 38 Crores.

Kapoor and Sons

Screen Count

The movie has been released on around more than 1500 screens in India. The movie being a target for multiplex audience have forced more than 70% of theaters to be booked by it in major cities. In abroad and neighboring countries, the movie has been on more than 300 screens.

Box Office Analysis

By the week, the movie has done great. The movie has picked up a good pace in its box office collection and audience attraction in the first week. The review from well-known critics of Bollywood has also been the best so far. Being a family drama, the movie suits audience of all age groups. Budget of the movie being not too high, the movie’s first week collection should be a profitable amount. The movie is expected to collect at least a little above 36 Crores in its first week, which is a good collection for the movie.

My expectation for the movie is that anything above 75 Crores collection will entitle the movie as a superhit and obviously collection of a 100 Crores will result in making the movie a blockbuster.