Kohinoor Full Movie Removed From Youtube

Nepali film Kohinoor full movie was uploaded on youtube by an unknown person. It was a recent big piracy for nepali movie which made many of us sad. We all know that ‘Kohinoor‘ is the last movie by actor ShreeKrishna Shrestha and huge number of people went to cinema hall to watch this movie as a tribute to a decent nepali actor, late ShreeKrishna Shrestha. No one can even imagine to pirate this movie as we everybody knows it is the one of the best alternative to show our respect to our beloved ShreeKrishna Shrestha and to help his widow Shweta Khadka. Thus, the piracy of this movie has several direct and indirect consequences to its makers and it genuine audience.

‘Kohinoor’ Full Movie Removed From Youtube

Finally, the good response have arrived from youtube. The movie has removed from youtube after one week of its unofficial upload. The makers of this movie tried hard to complain and prove it as a piracy. Finally their exercise came to success. The pirated version of ‘Kohinoor’ kicked out by youtube.

kohinoor nepali full movie

But the investigation process is going on to reconize the person who uploaded it to youtube. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha, producer, said that police are investigating the case and very near to the person.

Special Request From Director About Piracy of Kohinoor

As we know that ‘Kohinoor’ is the last movie by ShreeKrishna Shrestha and there are so many sentiments attached with it. Therefore, makers of this movie want to get more and more benefits from this movie and want to support Shweta Khadka financially. Kohinoor is the blockbuster movie in Nepal. So, the Nepali people all around the world are looking for this movie to well come it on their area. It is the most loving things for the makers of Kohinoor. But, the recent piracy made them socked and worried about the planning they had for its show on diaspora.

Now, youtube has removed the pirated upload of Kohinoor from site. There is still chances for pirated uploading of movie on youtube and other video hosting sites. Hence, director of this movie is requesting people not to upload this movie on internet. They will go as many countries and places for the premier of this movie.

We also heartily request you not to upload any nepali movie on internet without official agreements. It will ruin our industry and makes maker push away from investment in movies. We request you to delete the downloaded copy of Kohinoor from your PC, pendrives, mobiles, tablets and any other storage.