Lazza Movie Review; Full Of Masala For Single Screen

Nepali movie Lazza is a production of Chhabiraj Films, which is written and directed by Nawal Nepal. The movie released on October 24, 2014 features Shilpa Pokharel and Aryan Sigdel. Lazza is a female oriented formula movie. In this film producer did not dare to try anything new as in his previous film ‘loafer’. It has all the same old and prdictable ‘mashala’ as we know any previous single screen oriented Nepali movies often have. It seems that due to the failure of loafer, may be chhabiraj hesitated to take any risk in his movies.
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[box type=”tick”]Star Cast of Lazza[/box]
Aryan Sigdel as Daya

Shilpa Pokharel as Priya

Mithila Sharma as Priya’s Mother

Kiran KC as Daya’s Father

Producer: Jidendra Shakya

Director: Nawal Nepal

Writing Credits: Nawal Nepal

Music: Chetan Sapkota

Choreography: Kabiraj Gahatraj

Editing: Ananta Thapaliya

Release Date: 24 October 2014

Story of Lazza

As Lazza is a female oriented movie, it has a story of the female protagonist Priya (Shilpa Pokharel). When Daya (Aryan Sigdel) saw Priya once, he falls in love with her immediately.

Daya and Priya start friendship and become closer but their relationship did not go any further. Priya hesitate to commit her love with Daya. After a while, she uncovers her real identity and profession as a call girl.

What does Daya do after then? It has some twist on movie. You have to go cinema hall to know the exact twist of the movie. Or, wait until some official upload of full movie lazza on youtube online.

What I Felt Before and After watching Lazza

The marriage rumor of actress Shilpa and producer Chhabiraj Ojha created a buzz in media, which helped to make audience to come to see the replacement of Rekha Thapa in Chhabiraj Production. Not only the controversy, the movie had received a positive feedback for its music and trailer.

So I reached single screen to watch Lazza.

As I expected, movie Lazza has an old and predictable storyline. There is nothing new of exciting for the audience of Bollywood and Hollywood but the regular viewers of single screen will like the masala on this movie. The movie has gotten a strong female lead character – Shilpa Pokharel.

My Recommendation

Viewers who love formula masala movie should watch this movie.


2 on 5

Trailer of Lazza