Movie Review and Story of Hello Brother (1999)

Movie Title: Hello Brother
Directed By: Sohail Khan
Produced By: Sohail Khan, Bunty Walia
Starring: Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Johnny Lever

A Brief Plot

Hero(Salman Khan) works as a courier delivery guy for Khanna(Shakti Kapoor). He lives in a small town and is secretly in love with his best friend Rani(Rani Mukherjee). All goes pretty normal in their lives, until the entry of inspector Vishal(Arbaaz Khan) who is new in the narcotics department. He suspects that Khanna is smuggling drugs through his courier delivery system. Vishal tries to get hold of Hero, knowing that he works for Khanna. Hero, trusting his boss, defends him in any way possible.

Movie Review and Story of Hello Brother (1999)

On one of such days, when Hero looks at his courier package and tastes the stuff, he realizes that he has been smuggling drugs all along yet still thinks that someone might have wanted to frame Khanna which is why some rival has replaced packages with drugs in the courier pack. He gets into a police blocked raid and sees Vishal is conducting the raid. Seeing Vishal on the raid scene, Hero flees away and Vishal along with his crew follow him. Hero goes to his boss and realizes that Khanna was really smuggling boss. Police also follows him to their joint. Vishal gets shot, and thinking that Hero brought the police to the gang, Khanna kills Hero. Vishal is hospitalized but is saved by performing a heart transplant using the dead Hero’s heart.

Hero’s ghost haunt Vishal as Hero wants revenge by wanting Khanna dead. Hero’s spirit and Vishal don’t get along in the beginning, but start to get closer soon. Khanna arranges to leave country but kidnaps Rani. Vishal and Hero go to save Rani, but Vishal is injured. Hero decides to enter Visha’s body to fight off Khanna and his crew. But, Khanna happens to be in his breath and while distracted talking to Hero, Vishal is almost shot once again, but Hero takes Vishal hand and kills Khanna. After this, as Rani is close to Vishal, Vishal tells her that Hero is here with them, and he can communicate to him.

The movie closes with Rani and Vishal going on their honeymoon where Hero appears as a spirit, which makes Vishal suspect that Hero is there.

My Review and Perception

The movie is one of the first comedy movies directed by Sohail Khan that earned him a recognition as a comedy movie director. The movie has 3 brothers working together, with Salman and Arbaaz as actors. This trait of the 3 Khan brothers is still seen in many of their recent movies.

Acting from the cast members is also very fine in a comedic sense. Sohail Khan’s direction can be vividly seen in the actor’s acting styles. Salman as a crazy comedic yet innocent boy is well suited for the role in the movie. Salman’s and Rani’s chemistry in the movie as good friends and Salman as secret lover to Rani is well received by the audience. Presence of Johnny Lever as Arbaaz Khan’s sidekick has added a lot of comedy to the movie as well. Arbaaz Khan’s serious portrayal of a comedy scene in the movie is also pretty amazing.
The movie being one of the finest comedic presentation of the late 90’s, is a must watch. The movie has a sweet and short story, and a lot of comedy along with romance and vengeance.

My Rating

The movie deserves a good 3.5 out of 5 stars.