Movie Review and Story of Nayak (2001)

Movie Title: Nayak
Directed By: Shankar
Produced By: A.M. Ramanathan
Starring:Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Johnny Lever, Amrish Puri,Paresh Rawal

A Brief Plot

Shivaji Rao (Anil Kapoor) along with his friend Topi(Johnny Lever) happens to be passionate journalists. Due to some conflict between college students and bus drivers, a riot has taken place which was recorded by Shivaji. He records the conversation between a driver and the Chief Minister Balraj Chauhan(Amrish Puri) in which Balraj takes a very wrong step in order to not lose his voters base. To explain his actions, he decide to sit in an interview with Shivaji where Rao shows the tape of CM’s action live.


In response to Rao’s action, the CM in fury decides on national television live to give the position of CM to Rao for 24 hours and see how he operates the state. Rao accepts the challenge. Meanwhile Rao happens to be in love with a village girl Manjari(Rani Mukherjee). Her father disagrees to give Rao her hand as he didn’t hold a government job. Now that he was CM for a day, he was to be handed with Manjari by her father.

Since the start of the day, Rao takes actions to make the country better. He gives shelter to suffering slums, fights crime as rape and over-ragging himself, creates employment and removes the corrupt workers from their job. He is helped by his secretary Bansal(Paresh Rawal). The final task he does is gets Chauhan arrested for corruption charges. He gets very popular and is supported by a lot to become the next CM of the state. He is reluctant at first but as Chauhan is constantly after him to wipe him away, he decides to take part and wins by a vast majority. Rao has made the country more than 50% better than it was before.

In order to make Rao wrong, Chauhan along with his allies place bombs in different part of the city. A secret informer helps Rao locate some of the plantings and manages to diffuse some while others blast away. Chauhan blames Rao for him being responsible for the planting and diffusing of bomb to gain popularity. Having enough of Chauhan, Rao invites Chauhan to the secretariat and creates a trap. He shoots his arm and throws the gun at Chauhan which makes it seem like Chauhan shot Rao. The guards rush and encounter the scene and shoot Chauhan. Understanding that Rao is a good man, Manjari’s father also let Rao marry his daughter.

In the end, the city develops under the governance of Shivaji Rao and his colleagues. The complaint box, where people were supposed to fill in their complaints and information about various threats anonymously, is shown to be empty, signifying that the reasons to be afraid have been taken care of.

My review and Perception

Nayak is debut directed Hindi cinema from Shankar. Before this, he has only directed Tamil movies and also after. The movie has presented patriotism in a very to-the-point manner. The movie was able to bring rise in the political scene in certain states as it made the public aware of the actions they needed to take to make the country a good place to live.

Acting from Anil Kapoor in the movie is truly remarkable. Him portraying a journalist-turned-minister character has shown that if one has patriotism in their heart, then change is the easiest thing to do for a country. Also, Amrish Puri’s role as a corrupt minister is to die for. He has continued the legacy of him being in an evil role with a great effort. The chemistry between Rani Mukherjee and Anil Kapoor is also very suitable to the story and also realistic. Presence of Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever has added a lot of comedy to the movie.

The movie is one of the most loved Bollywood movies of all time. The movie was well received by youth of the India and also young leaders of India and was much appreciated by the public. Nayak was able to motivate everyone to become a true Nayak to the country.

My Rating

The movie being debut Hindi directed movie with an awesome-atic script, deserver 4 out of 5 stars.