Movie Review : Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai is a movie about 3 best friends, Aakash (Aamir Khan), Sameer (Saif Ali Khan) and Siddharth-aka Sid (Akshaye Khanna).

Story of Dil Chahta Hai

The story begins when Sid calls Sameer to come to his home due to an emergency, Sameer and Aakash rush to his house. When they reach there, they realize that Sid just wanted to show them his new painting. Aakash is portrayed as a guy who doesn’t believe in love. Similarly, Sameer is portrayed as a guy who can fall in love with any girl at any time and Sid is shown as a guy who falls in love after his college.

Movie Review Dil Chahta Hai

When the three go to a holiday trip to goa, Sid realizes that life will not always be the same among them. Aakash tells both friends, that they will remain friends forever ,no matter what. After finishing their holiday trip, they return back to their hometown, Mumbai. While on a party, Aakash gets sight of a girl,Shalini (Preity Zintaa) and starts to like her. Later,he comes to know that she is engaged as he gets beaten up by her fiancé. Sid, while helping a complete stranger, Taara (Dimple Kapadia) to move in, gets to know her. He desires to paint her as she is liked by Sid. He paints her and falls for her. When he confesses his love for this old, divorced, alcoholic lady with a daughter to his friends,Aakash and Sameer, they think that it was not normal. Aakash tries to talk him out of this feeling, but Sid is disappointed because he thought out of all, his friends would understand him and his feelings. When Aakash thinks that Sid is doing it for sexual purposes, he makes a joke about it and tells him. Sid gets angry and slaps him, which leads to a break up between the two.

Aakash decides to go to Australia to run his father’s company and in another side Sid takes a painting job moving away from home area to another town. Sameer feels alone and quite hesitant in asking his new love, Pooja(Sonali Kulkarni),whom he met in a arrange marriage meeting between them through their parents, out on a date. When Sid finally comes back to the town, Sameer feels refreshed and strong and decides to ask Pooja out on a date. Aakash, on his trip to Australia, happens to meet Shalini. They hang out very often which bothers her fiancé, Rohit (Ayub Khan). Aakash slowly discovers that he has feelings for Shalini, and is hurt when he finds out she is getting married to Rohit. He gets support by Shalini’s uncle to approach her to marry him as her uncle is also well known of the fact that Shalini is also in love with Aakash. He thus goes to her wedding, confesses his love to her and a scene is created in the wedding. However, her foster parents convinces her to choose whom she loves rather than their own son,Rohit, for her wedding. Shalini and Aakash end up together.

All this happens as a part of events told by Sameer to Sid on a hospital where Tara is admitted as she has suffered from a liver disease. She was most unlikely to live and after a couple of weeks , passes away. When Aakash sees couple of college boys hanging out through his car window, he is reminded of his past days with his friends, and how he turned out to be. He calls Sid on the phone, and asks for forgiveness for the way he misinterpreted things and made judgments. He forgives him and they all end up being friends again.

My Review of The movie:

This movie is Farhan Akhtar’s directorial debut, and he has nailed it. This movie combines real life events with a hint of drama. Love, Friendship and twists and turns of life are the major theme of the movie.

This movie shows that love can happen to anyone, with anyone, that love is blind. This movie also leaves with the message that understanding is the key to a healthy relationship, whether it is love or friendship. The quarrels among friends, and the instant make up among them, how serious can matters get at times, how heart can change, are well presented in this movie. The childish nature of Aamir, Akshayee and Saif has well portrayed the youth and their behavior in the movie.

The screenplay is very good in the movie. How the events take place in the movie will not bore the audience. Farhan’s theme of making a movie based on how things may occur in real life truly makes this movie an exceptional one.


I recommend this movie to all viewers and movie lovers. This is one of the most unique presentation of all time. One might also want to watch this movie because this is Farhan’s directorial debut, and we are well known that his movies always rock.


Based on actor’s performances, directorial effort, and screenplay, I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. This movie deserve enough in my opinion.