Movie Review and Story of Lakshaya

Movie Review and Story of Lakshaya

Movie Title: Lakshaya
Directed by: Farhan Akhtar
Starring: Hritik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Boman Irani, Amitabh Bachan

A Brief Plot of Lakshaya

Young Karan Shergill (Hritik Roshan) has no aim in life, and enjoys his life doing stuffs that keep him entertained. His father, (Boman Irani), is a rich businessman, and his elder brother is successful individual living in America. His girlfriend, Romi (Preity Zinta), also tells him that he should have an aim in life. He decides to join army when he knows that his friend is also doing so even though his parents are against it.
He passes the entrance and joins the military academy in Dehradun. He goes through the usual training with a difficulty as his attitude is not as disciplined as it should be for an army. This causes him to fail some of his training task resulting to a strict punishment by his seniors. Not being able to take it, he runs off from the academy and comes back home. His parents tell him that he should now join his father’s business. He breaks the news about him leaving the academy to Romi as well. She gets angry and upset, and breaks up with him. He then goes back to the academy admitting his faults and continues on with his training with hard work and dedication. He becomes Lieutenant and tells Romi through phone call that whether or not they should be back together will be decided by him now.
Karan is posted to Kargil mission led by Col. Sunil Damle (Amitabh Bachchan). He continues on with his work there and come back home to his parents on a holiday. As soon as he comes back, he learns that Romi is getting engaged. As he meets his parents a phone call arrives for Karan requiring him to come back immediately as Pakistanis were trying to start a war. He leaves off for his mission. On the other hand, Romi gets a chance to cover this war news. His fiancé doesn’t approve of this as it is dangerous and tries to take control of Romi’s life. Due to this, Romi breaks off her marriage with her fiancé.

Movie Review and Story of Lakshaya
On the mission Karan meets Romi and have and intense chat. Sooner, Karan realizes that she is no longer with her fiancé. For the mission preparation, Col. Sunil provide them the intel. However, most of his teammates die during the mission. Him with few of his force continue on with the mission, as Karan now makes putting a flag on the hill captured by Pakistani terrorists his aim. He singly leads the team of 5 and wins the war.
He comes back home where his mother and father are waiting to pick him up. Also he encounters Romi there.


My Review and Perception of the movie:

Farhan Akhtar has again spread his magic through his second direction. Presentation is very similar to that of Dil Chahta Hai, his first film, even though the storyline is different. He has made a movie displaying passion, love and youth of a man and done a brilliant job at doing so. For the first few minutes of the movie, he has shown a comedic yet touching background of the condition of youths of that era.
Acting from Hritik Roshan is also a good reason for the movie to become a hit. How he has shifted from a young fun loving character to a serious well disciplined army guy is fantastic. His chemistry with Preity Zinta is also neat and realistic. How their relationship come to end in the first place is shown well in the picture. This is the second time Farhan has worked with Preity , first being in Dil Chahta Hai. Boman Irani has also portrayed the role of a responsible serious father in a wise manner after Munna Bhai MBBS.

Music by Shakar-Ehsaan-Loy also adds a lot of touch to the acting performed by these actors. The title song is one of the most inspirational songs of all time in Bollywood. Also, a romantic song “Agar Main Kahoon” also adds a lot of flavor to the ongoing chemistry between Hritik and Preity in the movie.
All in all, the actors and the crew members have done a nice job to make every thing click and sync perfectly to the plot of the movie.

My Rating:

Considering the directional effort, musical score and performances by the actors, I would give the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.