Movie Story – Badlapur

Badlapur is hindi Action crime thriller directed by Sriram Raghavan and produced by Dinesh Vijan and Sunil Lulla. The film stars Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, with Huma Qureshi, Yami Gautam, Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta and Radhika Apte in supporting roles. The film was released on 20 February 2015. Badlapur earned approximately US$ 12 Million in world wide.

Story of Badlapur

During a shopping trip Misha (Yami Gautam) and her son Robin become the victims of a bank robbery gateway. Liak (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and his friend Harman (Vinaya Pathak) use Misha’s car to flee away. Misha was shot by Liak and Robbin falls out from the car. Later both mother and son died in hospital after injuries. Harman jumps out from vehicle to protect the money and Liak was arrested by the police.

Movie Story - Badlapur

Raghu (Varun Dhawan) was shocked from the loss of his wife and his son and wants to take revenge on both culprits. Liak was send to 20 years in prison and he did not speaks a single word and refuses to reveal the identity of his partner in crime. Raghu was failed in every steps to get the name of Liak partner. Raghu also attemps to commit suicide but was unsuccessful.

15 years later Liak was suffered from cancer and terminally ill. Later he was paroled from prison on compassionate grounds. Raghu later finds another culprit Harman who was hidden with his wife. Harman told that he was not involved while murdering Raghu’s wife and his son and he told to give half of the robbery amount share to Raghu. Raghu took the money and killed both Harman and his wife.

Police now started investigation of both Harman and his wife who were disappeared for a long time.

Liak came to know from his mother that Raghu came to know Harman’s name. Liak’s breaks into Raghu’s house in search of money but coincidently he found Raghu. Raghu was in the mode of revenge so beats him without sense. When Liak gets consciousness Raghu tells him how he killed both Harmans and his wife. But Liak tell Raghu that it was him to killed his wife and his son not Harman. Liak tells Raghu that they both are same and refer him to go for a treatment.

At last Liak moves into police station and confesses to killing Harman and his wife and also asked to find the dead bodies. Liak takes all the blame of Raghu’s too,giving him a second chance to live his life fullest and also doing a good thing in his life before dying.

After seven months Liak fail to resist pressure to cancer in jail. Raghu’s revenge is now completed and all the guilty are dead too.

Sound track Singers:

1.Jee karda Divya Kumar
2.Jeena jeena Atif Aslam
3.Jee karda(Rock Version) Divya Kumar
4.Judai Rekha Bhardawaj.Arjit Singh
5.Badla badla Vishal Dadlani, Jasleen Royal, Suraj Jagan
6.Jeena jeena (Remix) Atif Aslam
7.Sone ka pani Priya Sariya

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