Why Nepali Film Industry Is Not An Industry?

-Manish Poudel-

Why does Nepali Film Industry lack behind as others do, despite of good story and screen play? This is the biggest question that arise in each and every nepali movie lovers. Our industry also gives quality products despite of some cheap and low quality movies though also we are still lacking behind in collecting huge mass and popularity. Each year hundred and over nepali movies get release but only few that we can count in our hand get success and this is creating a greate problem and also this situation is giving really a great trouble to the producers to produce new movies.

In context of this year very few movies did the good business but not up to the mark. Movies released this year like Kabaddi, Kohinoor, Jholay, Jhola, Nai nabhannu la 2 etc. did get the audience but also not up to the mark.

darpan chhaya full nepali movieWhy is this happening ? Due to the lack of good story or due to the lack of good artist or due to the lack of advance technology, this short of questions are being arising in every nepali movies lovers.
Some new and technically fit directors have done some changes in this industry, like Nischal Basnet, Subash Koirala, Sudarshan Thapa, Late Alok Nembang etc. Similarly many theater artists who got debut in nepali film industry like Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Karma Shakya, Anup Baral, Subash Thapa, etc. have taken nepali film industry to a level in content of real acting .

Despite of good screen play and real acting also we are lacking behind. The main question arise here “Why we are lacking behind ? And, for this there comes various reasons from various exports of film industry. Some says our films don’t get the mass due to film made for targeted audiences, some says due to the lack of good story, some says due to the lack of good direction, some says due to the lack of enough publicity, some says due to the lack of good actors etc. These are the reason given by exports of nepali film industry for lacking behind of our industry.

mithila sharmaFor an example, recently released Bollywood megastar movie Happy New Year got release in Nepal also and similarly most awaited nepali movie Talakjung vs Tulke also got released some what near to the Bollywood movie but the Bollywood movie got more audience and collected a lot of gross collection from nepal in comparison to Talakjung vs Tulke. This means to say that the nepali audience are habituated in watching foreign movie then nepali one.
talak jung vs tulke full nepali film
To promote and protect nepali film industry we all lets watch nepali movie and love them from heart. We have to make creative criticism as well.