Nepali Movie ‘Humjayega’ – A Story of A Driver Coming Soon

This week ucoming movie Humjayega has released its trailer. Recently the movie premiered in USA is now not letting any steps in doing its publicity. Press meet organised this week by the Humjayega team where the director Surendra Pun cast crew of the movie Babu Bogati, Wilson Bikram Rai and Richa Dhital shared their experience regarding the movie. Humjayega is a famous joke charecter in Darjeeling and Sikkim.

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Real name of Humjegya is Dal BD. Gurung who was a romantic person in real life. But in reel life how is it presented? Yet it is to be watched after the release of the movie. But as per the director of the movie he reveals that only the name Humjageya is taken from dal BD. Gurung. Directed added its a masala movie which contains romance,comedy and action in a single package.

Babu Bogati one of the lead charecter in the movie said it was a great experience in working the movie and he added “I got the chance to overview the real life of Humjayega“. Another cast of movie Richa Dhital said to work with the professional and experienced actors like Wilson Bikram Rai and Babu Bogati was a great experience as she got a lot to know about acting and was a great help for her.

Humjageya is made under Munal Flims Banner, M.D. of munal flims Mr. Bhoj Gurung says it is a movie which is made as per all Nepali movie lovers. He added “It will be big hit i am sure because it is presented in a way that audience want”

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Along with Wilson Bikram Rai, Babu Bogati and Richa Dhita in lead role flim casts Manoj RC, Ravi Giri, Parbati Rai, Sapana Shresta, Shayam Rai and Resam Firiri in supporting.

Movie revels the story of a driver. In real life also Humjageya (Dal BD. Gurung) was the driver.

Best of luck for Humjageya. Hope it will do good business.

Watch Full Trailer of Nepali Movie ‘HumJayega’