Why The Organisers Did’t Let Paras Stay In Stage With Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, among the most influential 100 people around the world as declared by TIMES magazine visited Nepal this week. Needless to say, he is one of the most liked bollywood celerity in Nepal as well. One can easily imagine his craze by viewing the packed theatre of Kathmandu when his movie is released. Last Wednesday he was declared as the UNICEF’s ambassador promoting nutrition for children for SAARC region. On the same day, he visited Kapilbastu, the birthplace of Gautam Budha, and inaugurated the “Golden 1000 days” program. Moreover, he also gave lecture in safe breast feeding and malnutrition for around 20 minutes as well.

Paras Khadka, Nepali Cricket Captain, sport icon of present day Nepal and the national ambassador for promoting nutrition for children in Nepal for UNICEF is one of the most famous people in Nepal.

For obvious reason he was also present in the program at Kapilvastu. But, few things happened there which has created some sensation in social media. UNICEF had designed the inauguration of “Golden 1000 days” program by both Aamir and Paras jointly. However, Aamir was called upon the stage throughout the stage while Paras was seated down along with public. After the inauguration, the organizer asked Paras to speak less hence he shortened his speech for less than a minute while Aamir gave lecture on safe breast feeding and malnutrition for 20 minutes.

Concerning on this, some people thought it was an obvious thing as Aamir is here as a regional ambassador and Paras is a national ambassador. While some other think it is a serious issue and has hurt them as a Nepali. They believe Paras Khadka could not be overshadowed just because one mega star of bollywood was present in the program.

rajesh payal rai opinion on paras khadka participationSome celebrities like Rajesh Payal Rai was very fierce clearly visible with his status on facebook. The issue here is clearly not of nationality. But question may arise, why the organizers did not let Paras stay in stage with Aamir as both of them were there for a joint inauguration? If it was a security issue then if you could not trust the captain of Nepali Cricket then it’s useless of calling international celebrity in Nepal. If it was because of their stardom then it is the most foolish thing to compare. The issue here might be small but it’s related with two nations and organizers of such event must take care of these sentimental issues very delicately. We still remember that ‘Black Day’ popularly known as “Hritik Roshan Kanda” where many people suffered and one person lost his life as well. Let’s pray, we will not see such day again in coming days.