Priyanka Karki Releasing Her Solo Music Album With 8 Songs

Priyanka Karki is really a versatile actress in Nepali film industry. The popular actress, Priyanka had started her public carrier on modelling but she is not limited to modelling. With the success on modelling, she started her carrier on movie with slow but noticeable works. Now she is one of the popular actresses in Nepali film industry.

In addition to acting, dancing and modeling, Priyanka had conjointly choreographed variety of songs in some movies. She did her first choreography in a song of her first movie ‘Mero Best Friend‘. In another movie ‘Punte Parade’ she had conjointly choreographed the item song, and in upcoming movie ‘Mission paisa Reloaded’ Priyanka had choreographed 2 songs.
album of priyanka karki song
Now, Priyanka is desiring to add another identification, as a singer. Yeap! a professional singer. She had a experience of singing a song in movie. Priyanka has sung a song in her movies ‘Awaaran‘ with Yama Buddha. The success of song, titled ‘Chhopiyeko Satya’ helped her to start professional carrier in music. But this is not a sudden decision and desire to be a professional singer, it was her passion since childhood. She had taken some music classes too.

She is going to sing the songs composed by Shailesh Shrestha and Shailendra Singh. The name of her music album is not fixed yet. There will eight songs in her album.

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Yes, indeed, Priyanka Karki has been successful in every field she has been doing. This is the new carrier for her but her stardom will helps this to promote her new carrier. We want her successful carrier in singing too. BEST OF LUCK Priyanka.

Priyanka’s Song ‘Chhopiyeko Satya’ from the movie ‘Awaaran’