Be ready for Nai Na Bhannu La – 3

How many of you love to watch a sequel of the movie you like? Well, I guess almost all of you love to do so. Many of us remember watching sequel of Spiderman and Krish or Dhoom in Hollywood and Bollywood but now you can enjoy the sequel in Nepali movie industry as well. Making sequel of a super hit movies have been the recent trend in Kollywood. Be it a himmat 2 or Nai Nabhannu la 2 they have been successful in attracting the public. But for the first time Nepali movie industry is ready to serve third sequel of a super hit movie “Nai Na Bhannu la“.
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After the enormous success of both Nai Na bhannu la and Nai Na bhannu la 2 the film unit has decided to come up with a third sequel Nai Na bhannu la 3. The film will be casting Suraj Singh Thakuri, Priyanka Karki, Sanchita Luitel, Garima Pant along with Child artist Anubhav Regmi in a lead role.

The film will be directed by young director Muskan Dhakal who has been assistant director in Nai Na bhannu la 2. Movie will be captured by the camera of Purshotam Pradhan and receive music by Basanta Sapkota. Bikash Acharya who has directed first two version of the movie will be writing the script and producing the movie. The film unit has set the target of 30 days to complete the shooting. However, the story of the third sequel of the movie will not have any relation with the past two versions.

The film shooting, officially started today, with worship in Bhadrakali temple here in Kathmandu. The first shot of the movie was given by guest artist Samyam Puri and Aasma D.C. The movie will also have Aryan Sigdel as another guest artist. This movie has already been a talk of a town by its stardom. After a long time Nepali audience will get to have three gorgeous heroines in same banner. All three of them are considered as a successful heroine in Nepali movie arena.

Making sequel of a hit movie is not an ordinary task. It needs to take care of the expectation of the audience based on the previous versions. Nai Na bhannu la 2 was a hit movie with even more hit songs particularly by the young singer Prem Pariyar. Let’s hope this sequel will be another blockbuster with super hit songs and we will have opportunity of watching Nai Na bhannu la 4 and so on in coming days.