Rekha Thapa Proving “Himmatwali” in Real and Reel Life

These days walls of Kathmandu is filled with the poster of Rekha Thapa carrying “hand less” Sudarshan Gautam on her back with a gritty look. Another poster is also attractive with a horse riding Rekha Thapa resembling the old Hindi movies poster of dacoit wandering around for revenge. These posters are for the just released movie of Rekha Thapa’s production and directional venture, Himmatwali. As name goes, she might be doing courageous act in the movie. However, her courage are not limited to movie only, she is proving herself as a courageous girl in real life as well.

full poster of nepali movie himmatwaliAs per the 19 point decision of Nepal Film Producer Association on 2060-04-23 all Nepali movies could be released only on Friday in Kathmandu. But Rekha Thapa challenged the decision and released her movie on 15th Asoj, Wednesday on the occasion of ‘fulpati‘, the first day of official holidays for the mega festival Dashain.

The association believed that Rekha Films and Rekha Thapa violated the 19 point decision and hence expelled both from the ordinary membership of the association. The association also blamed her for acting against the association and decided to organize a meeting after Dashain regarding her act.

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As per the direction of Ministry of Information and Communication, Nepal Film development board with a clear order of “not to display Himmatwali” wrote a letter to film halls as well. However, film halls also showed courage along with Rekha Thapa and released “Himmatwali” in Kathmandu on Wednesday. Rekha and Film halls dare to deny the government order and now the government is planning to punish both for the act.

Rekha Thapa’s Himmatwali is already proving its name with its act. Now the questions that might arise are how did Rekha Thapa manage to have such courage? Why did she dare to go against the government’s order as well? How did she manage to influence film halls as well? She has been famous for her ‘out of the box’ act in the past as well like Kissing Raute, Dancing with Prachanda to name few. Each time she has landed successfully with more fame in her name.

It would be interesting to see, this violence of agreement to release her movie in the festival day, resembling the bollywood mega stars venture, will lead her to which way. Will Nepal film association and Nepal Film Development board be able to punish her for this act or will she establish new trend of releasing movie in the festive time? Well!! Let future answer the questions.