Review and Story of Rockstar

Movie title: Rockstar
Directed by:Imtiaz Ali
Produced by:Eros International
Story by: Imtiaz Ali,Muazzam Beg
Starring: Ranbeer Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Shammi Kapoor

A Brief Plot of Rockstar

Movie opens up to a concert being expected by thousands of fans of Jordan (Ranbeer Kapoor) who has just been attacked moments ago. As he straps in and begins to play his guitar, flashback takes over the movie.
The story of Jordan is shown to begin in his college where he auditions for a musical talent hunt. He is made fun of by most of the college people. The owner of the canteen where Jordan and his friends hang out, Khatana Bhai, convinces him that he is only going to be a true rockstar/musician when he goes through pain and heartbreak. Jokingly Jordan tells a girl,Heer Kaur(Nargis), that he loves her. He is buzzed off by Heer and thinks that he has his heart broken. After all that he does to get Heer to break his heart, he is embarrassed by himself. So he avoids her, but Heer meets him and confronts him saying that it’s okay and he doesn’t need to run away when he sees her. They become good friends and hang out a lot.

Heer marries a guy in Kashmir and departs to Prague. During this, she has feelings grown towards Jordan. Lastly known as JJ is left with the name Jordan by Heer at this point. His brothers find out that he was off to Kashmir and also makes Jordan the suspect of 50,000 rupees theft from their own house. He is kicked from home and spends his time in a mosque playing religious songs.

rockstar movie story

He is discovered later on by Ustaad Jameel Khan ( Shammi Kapoor) and tells the people of Platinum records to invest in the kid. When a journalist meets up with Jordan for an interview and reveals that Platinum is taking musicians off to Prague for a show, Jordan leaves the interview and asks for Dhingra, the manager of Platinum Music, to take him as well so that he could be with Heer once again. He is taken to Prague by Platinum Music.

Heer, while in Prague, suffers from series of chronic diseases. Upon her meet with Jordan in Prague, her health starts getting better. Jordan tries to profess his love for her, but Heer , being married, tells him that this is not right and decides to never meet again. Heer warns Jordan to stay away and decides to pay one last goodbye to him before he departs to India. While doing so, Jordan trespasses through Heer’s property and is arrested by security police.Heer gets frustrated by this and collapses on the scene. With Jordan’s own frustration, he creates an image to the fans. He frequently gets into fights with police and gets arrested pretty often.

On a concert, Jordan meets Heer’s younger sister who tells him that she is suffering from Anemia and needs help. When Jordan goes to meet Heer, Heer’s mother gets angry and asks him to leave. But slowly they all realize that Jordan’s presence is making the recovery of Heer very quick. They again spend more time together and Heer is even brought to attend most of Jordan’s concert. After Heer returns home, her health condition is even more worsened. When taken to the doctor, she is found to be pregnant and Jordan in immediately informed. Jordan visits Heer while she is in a coma. She is shown dead off-screen. And Jordan is seen to be doing really well as a rockstar but with the unbearable amount of ailment in his chest by Heer’s death.

Movie takes back to where it began. During his concert, he sees Heer advancing towards him on stage and imagines of all the good times they could spend together.

My Review and Perception

First of all, huge credit goes to the director Imtiaz Ali for his outstanding presentation skills. The work he did with the cast and the crew is splendid. The casting for the movie is also done pretty well. Even though Nargis’ act is seen a little bit dull, in overall movie, all the actors and actresses are seen to be doing a pretty great job. Also, effort from Ranbeer Kapoor in musical sector is a big contribution to the movie.

And now, here goes another movie that is and will be loved by music lovers. Musically too, the movie is a strong view. With music and songs from A.R. Rahman, Mohit Chauhan and many more, the movie has its charisma out to everyone. Ranbeer has surely wowed crowd with his guitar skills in some scenes in the movie.

Even though Nargis’ act in most roles is a little bit off, her Chemistry with Ranbeer is well portrayed. Shammi Kapoor is without any doubt awesome in his small roles. Also acting from Kumud Mishra who portrays Khatana Bhai is perfect. Him playing a joyful yet a strict character in the movie puts the movie in a good position as well.

On the whole, ROCKSTAR does not live up to the confidence and expectations from the otherwise very skilled and accomplished film-maker Imtiaz Ali. The film suffers immensely due to a disorderly screenplay, especially in its post-interval portions. However, the silver lining or the comforting prospect is the virtuoso performance by Ranbir Kapoor and the captivating score by A.R. Rahman, which justify that one extra star.

My Rating

I would give the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.