Review and Story of The Change UP

Movie Title: The Change up
Directed By: David Dobkin
Produced By: Neal H. Moritz
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman

A Brief Plot of Movie The Change Up

Dave Lockwood(Jason Bateman) and Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds) are two best friends who are jealous of each other’s lifestyle. Dave is a lawyer with wife and kids, and Mitch is an actor who has sex with multiple women. They both get drunk one night and take a piss in a fountain simultaneously wishing that they had each other’s lives.

Review and Story of The Change UP

The next morning, Mitch and Dave realize they have switched bodies. Mitch remembers the wish they made the night before and they drive back to the park, planning to urinate again in the fountain and wish for their original lives back, but find the fountain has been removed for restorations. Forced to wait a few days until the parks department can locate the fountain, Mitch and Dave agree to pretend to be each other for the day. When Mitch arrives at Dave’s law firm office, he befriends Dave’s attractive assistant, Sabrina McArdle(Olivia Wilde). However, Mitch’s lack of professionalism and legal knowledge cause a big merger to fall through. Meanwhile, Dave arrives at Mitch’s film shoot to discover that it is a porno.

Tired of pretending to be Mitch, Dave has them go back to his house to tell his wife Jamie(Leslie Mann) the truth, but Jamie does not believe him. Dave gives Mitch advice on how to behave professionally and Mitch sets Dave up on a date with Sabrina, who Dave has had a crush on.

They both live each other’s life for a while and then realize how difficult it was to be someone else. After going through all that they’ve been through, they both realize their responsibility and try harder to fit in each other shoes and as well to get back their life.

In the epilogue, Dave is awoken by his babies crying that night, thrilled to realize that he has finally returned in his original body. Dave continually kisses Jamie and happily goes to change the babies. At his home, Mitch awakens to enthusiastically admire himself and happily get breakfast with Sabrina, not realizing that the tattoo Dave got is a picture of his face on Mitch’s back with the caption “I ♥ Dave”. Mitch goes and speaks at his father’s wedding and later attends Dave’s anniversary a month later. In the post-credits scene, Dave and Jamie get high then go to the Aquarium Dave went to earlier, while Mitch and Sabrina have sex for the first time and Mitch sends Dave the porno film he starred in.

My Review and Perception of the movie

David Dobkin, who is famous for his directorial effort in movies with a sitcom theme, like Wedding Crasher and RIPD, has created a very good fictional comedy movie of all time. The movie collects issues about ones’ responsibility in life and how they should be happy with what they get.

Comedic acting roles from Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, and their chemistry on-screen is superb. They play best friends in the movie who keep getting into quarreling scenarios and make the scene funny. Also, Ryan’s role as a playboy character is great. These 2 actors, exchanging their lives in the movie and getting into character of each other is truly entertaining. Also, hot and sexy Olivia Wilde has played a very fun role, along with Leslie Mann, who also happens to perform a nude scene in the movie.

The movie is a good fictional comedy movie and is one of my favorite comedy movie. The movie shows responsibility of adults and also makes us laugh with its comedic nature of presentation.

My Rating

The movie gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.