Review and Story of The Perfect Score

Movie Title: The Perfect Score
Directed By: Brian Robbins
Produced By: Roger Birnbaum, Jonathan Glickman, Michael Tollin, Brian Robbins
Starring: Chris Evans, Erika Christensen, Bryan Greenberg, Scarlet Johansen

A Brief Plot of movie The Perfect Score

Kyle (Chris Evans) is a young guy who is looking forward to score good in his SAT in order to get into the best college for his further studies. Kyle’s best friend Matty (Brian Greenberg) also wants a god SAT score so that he could go to the same college his girlfriend has gone to.

Review and Story of The Perfect Score

Since SAT is standing in their way, they both decide to ace the SATs by hook or by crook. They approach Franceska(Scarlet Johansen) whose father owns the building that houses the regional office of ETS, where the SAT papers are located. They decide to steal those papers, which at first is denied by Franceska, but due to her bad relation with father, she wants to do it and also thinks that it would be fun. Kyle becomes attracted to Anna Ross(Erika Christensen), who was college’s 2nd ranked student. He tells her about the plan as she had bombed the previous SAT exam and needed a good score to get into brown university. This was disliked by Matty, and discuss about it in the restroom where stoner Roy (Leonard Nam) is present unknowingly. He is also included in the heist. Likewise, Anna happens to help Desmond Rhodes( Darius Miles) and also brings him in the heist team.

At first, they get into the office but happens to ruin the SAT papers as they shred it instead of photocopying it. Later on, they come with a big heist plan and get into the office to steal the papers like professionals. During the heist, all the members of the heist get to know each other even better. Being unable to get the papers, they decide to come back with the answers from the paper in the mainframe. They stay up till hours solving the questions and copying down answers. Later, during the final moments, the gang screw up and all leave up in a haste. However, Matty decide to stay so that his friends could end up giving a good SAT. Matty gets caught as he pretends as if he is stealing a computer and goes to jail.

Kyle is talked by his brother Larry, and Kyle thinks that he doesn’t need to cheat to pass the SAT and no matter what happens, he realizes, that he should be happy. Similarly, Matty who ends up in jail is bailed by Franceska. They end up being together. Darius also solves his matters with his mom about how he wants to become a professional NBA player and not just go to some top rated university. The movie ends with Roy completing the narration about the story.

My Review and Perception of the movie

Director Brian Robbins is well known for his sitcom styled movies. This movie as well presents a similar theme, an episode of friends who help each other out on a heist to pass their test. The movie is a good presentation, and has inspired as well as given students a lot of motivation for life rather than just education.
The movie is Scarlet Johannson’s debut movie. She has played a brilliant role of a daughter whose mother and father separated and whose father doesn’t treat her like a father. She also plays an intelligent and dark character in the movie, who eventually falls in love with her friend. Chris Evans has also presented a good role, a kid whose aim in future is bright but is blocked by some stupid test. Likewise, Erika has also acted well being a girl who wants to break free instead of just study and have a career like other people.
The movie has a very good storyline. The movie is inspirational, and it helps people to be knowledged about life events, exams, and how they affect their lives.

My Rating of the movie

The movie deserves a better of 3.5 out of 5 star.