Review and Story of Rudderless (2014)

Directed by: William H Macy
Written by: Jeff Robison, Casey Twenter
Starring: Billy Crudup,Felicity Huffman, Anton Yelchin, Laurence Fishburne
Running Time: 105 Minutes

A Brief Plot of Rudderless (2014)

The movie begins with Josh Manning (Miles Heizer) playing and recording his songs on a guitar. When interrupted by his friend, he gives him a serious look, and his friend goes away. The next day, his father, Sam(Billy) invites him over for lunch. Josh says he is headed towards library so denies to come. But Sam insists and he says okay. On the wait for his son, Sam learns through news that his son along with 6 others were shot dead in the college library shootout. Sam gets a lot of media following him to ask questions as he is a well-known businessman.

Rudderless (2014)

Sam attends his son’s funeral. He gets to know his son’s girlfriend Kate there. Unable to handle the situation, Sam leaves his work, and goes off to stay someplace else. He gets himself a boat, and lives off there and he starts working as a wall-painter. His drunken behavior disturbs nearby people. One day, Josh’s mother(Felicity) drops by leaving some of Josh’s stuffs at Sam’s place. Sam denies to take those stuffs but later on he takes them and throws them. On doing so, he sees some of Josh’s old recordings and starts hearing them and learning them on guitar.

On a local pub, where he goes for drinks with his painter friends, he sees musical performances being performed by new faces. The next day, he comes with a guitar and plays one of Sam’s songs. Hearing the song, Quentin(Anton Yelchin) is moved. Upon seeing the condition of Sam, Quentin drops Sam to his boat. Quentin starts to bug Sam all the time and Sam starts to get irritated. Quentin frequently requests Sam to have him and a band perform his songs( unknown to the fact that it was Josh’s songs). Upon a lot of whining and crying, and his personal interest, they play together and come to know that people like the music.

They form a band, and start doing a lot of shows in the same pub and is well liked by the people who visit there. The owner of the joint decide to make them a regular for a full set. Upon his way out of the pub once, he meets furious Kate who happens to know that those were Josh’s songs. She tells him that this is wrong, and he shouldn’t have done that. But Sam has already known this, and had a little regret for doing so.

On the other hand, Del(Laurence Fishburne) happens to know about Sam and his son’s case, but stays quite all along. When the band decide to perform a big show around the locality, Kate interrupts and tells the band members about the songs. This breaks Quentin’s trust and makes him angry. He quarrels with Josh over it and calls the concert and the band off. When shared this to Del, Josh comes to know that Del knew all along about him. Sam reveals that his son was the one who killed those six people and blames himself for that.

Sam realizes all that he’s done so far. He goes to Del and takes Del’s music store in a good offer as Del was also looking to sell his shop. He gets the guitar Quentin was dreaming to buy and gifts him that guitar and tells him to move on from this and keep on his musical journey.

The film closes with Sam playing a song which Josh only half wrote but Sam completed it. He tells the audience in the pub about his son and the incident. The movie ends with his song as scenes where Quentin is in his band with a new guitarist, and Del and his wife have taken the boat from Sam is shown.

My Review and Perception of the movie:

Firstly, a huge credit goes to the musicians of this movie to have made such a big contribution. Even though the direction is a little flaky, the musical support makes this movie a strong presentation. With songs like Over the Shoulder, and Real Friends, the movie has taken a good leap from being boring to amazing within minutes. Also, a soundtrack from Selena Gomez has made a good closure to the movie. With Billy Crudup voice as well, the songs has a natural tendency towards emotions to them.

Coming to the theme of the movie. This movie revolves around a unique theme. There’s a divorced couple with their son in college, who is disturbed, and thus performs the killing.There’s love in the heart, but there’s sorrow as well for not being able to become good parents. There’s a musical passion in the heart, and there’s regret for not being able to share the truth. With a dramatic theme and a role best suited for the designated characters, the movie has made a good effort.

Although there’s not much to see when it comes to the band’s chemistry, the chemistry between Anton, Billy and Laurence is pretty well in the movie.

My recommendation is that anyone with the love for emotional movie and scenes and music will love this movie. The movie surely lacks some punches in it. But this is a movie to be seen by any audience and be the judge themselves.

My Rating:

The movie gets 3 stars out of 5 from my side.