It May Impress You, First Look Of Seto Bagh Movie

Every one Knows the statement, ‘first impression is last impression”. Is this the really a practical statement? Not for all, but may be perfect for film industry. So it is very tough to make or to be perfect to impress other in first look especially in Nepali Film Industry.

I want to connect it to the promo of Seto Bagh. Nepali Movie SETO BAGH based on a Novel ‘Seto Bagh’ written by late Diamond Shamsher Rana, Recently released its first look poster publicly. Mahasakti Multimedia and Nir Cinema Pvt Ltd. present the movie with the direction of Nir Shah.

poster of seto bagh film

Nir Shah told ‘Seto Bagh’ as a unique and different movie than any other in the industry. The first look of ‘Seto Bagh’ may convince its audience. You can expect some historical glimpse on the movie. It looks like Nir Shah managed properly the dress, color of background and casting as he was from the time that was happening. Characters on the movie have their matching historical dresses and body language.

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With the teaser of Seto Bagh movie, we can wait for the big thing that going to be happening. Yeap! The true fans of this type of classic movies surely like the movie. At the same time Nir Shah has advantages of goodwill of the Seto Bagh as a successful novel. It is one of the most popular and best selling novels in Nepal. So, name of the novel itself attract the audience to the cinema hall as Movie ‘Jhola‘ attracts so many audience to the theater. Same time, it is quite challenging for Nir Shah that he has to prove himself as a good director. He has to justify the making of a movie inspired from successful novel.

As I mentioned earlier, we can expect ‘Seto Bagh‘ as a big movie from Nir Shah.

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