‘Shree Panch Ambare’ – Movie Full Review

There is a popular saying  “Je hunchha tyo dekhidaina, je dekhidaina tyo huna sakchha“. This quotation can be directly implemented in recently released movie Shree Panch Ambare.

The movie team did its publicity so high that everybody rated Shree Panch Ambare as the most watchable movie of this season but all the expectation of the Nepali movie lovers went in vain. There are so many things missing to make it above the average.

I am here to share the information as I saw and realised. This is my personal compliments and critics to the movie, makers and actors, you may agree and disagree to my view.

poster of nepali film shree panch ambare

Star cast of Shree Panch Ambare

Actor: Saugat Malla, Keki Adhikari, Ashishma Nakarmi, Priyanka Karki
Story: Abhimanyu Nirawi
Cinematography: Ganesh Shrestha
Action: Yogendra Shrestha
Screenplay: Abhimanyu Nirawi
Genre: Social Drama
Music: Basanta Sapkota, Babu Bogati.
Produced By: Amrit Agrawal
Directed By: Dipa Basnet
Production: Jeevansathi Films

Story of Shree Panch Ambare

Shree panch ambare is a movie based on a character Ambare (Saugat Malla) who has a dream to be the king in the society. There is another girl, Kali (Keki Adhikari) who loves Ambare. Both of them grows together on streets. At the time of teenage they separated and Kali becomes prostitute. They met again after a incident and remain together. But this time they face different kind of trouble.

Good Points of Shree Panch Ambare

Having said this movie contains some good aspects also. First lets know the good points of Shree Pnach Ambare. The most appreciating part of the movie is its screen play. In terms of screen play there is not a single point to say its bad. secondly the work and effort done by Director Dipa Basnet is really very good. In terms of acting Saugat Malla and Keki Adhakari (the read role in the movie) is suburb. The work done by Keki specially is really very good for appreciating. The music and cinematography of movie is quite impressive.

Weak Points of Shree Panch Ambare

Now coming to the weak point of the movie. The most weak are its story telling and casting. The movie contains very strong subject to tell, but it has below average story telling ability. So it seems like it contains no story. It revolves around a good concept but without any bounding of story.

Another weak point of the movie is it’s casting. Saugat Malla a lead role in the movie who is caste as Ambare he is good in terms of acting but the role doesn’t match him. The movie revels the story of a teenager but Saugat seem very old for the movie. Having said this but also his acting is very flawless and strong.

And, the most week point, you can say it worst point of the movie is it’s ending. The climax of the movie is very bad and can be pretended by the audience before the movie ends. The climax makes the movie similar to regular Nepali movies.

The first half of the movie makes audience laugh and can bound them but similarly the second half makes the audience bore and irritating. So we can rate the movie as an average movie which contains the important subject but without any good and strong story.

Why should I Watch This Movie

If you like to watch the nepali experimental movies, it might be one of the best option. It doesn’t have old and nonsense formula like most of the regular nepali movie. For the regular viewer of Nepali movies, Shree Panch Ambare is not a good choice.

But, it deserves to be watch on youtube and television without spending money for it.

My Rating

2 on 5.

Trailer of Shree Panch Ambare