Superhit Films Rejected by Salman Khan

Salman turned 50 recently and we have had many updates from him this year. But we haven’t taken a look at the movies he was offered but he rejected. Many of such movies that he denied went on to become huge success. Here is our pick on some of the movie Salman rejected that went on to become super-hit.

Superhit Films Rejected by Salman Khan

Superhit Films Rejected by Salman Khan

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

This Yash Raj Productions movie was first offered to Salman Khan. But due to some reason, Salman was unable and rejected the role. Then the movie was given to Shah Rukh. The movie put Shah Rukh and Kajol in a whole different light ever after this movie. The movie had the longest theater run in Bollywood and also was a great success.


Director duo Abbas-Mustan had Salman in mind for this movie. But, playing a negative lead in a movie where the title character is a negative character could harm the hero personality of himself, admits Salman. The film was again given to Shah Rukh and went on to become a blockbuster hit.

Chak de India

The movie was decided to be offered to Salman and the script to the movie was also written focused to Salman as the coach of the national Hockey team. But Salman didn’t do the movie. Once again, the movie went to Shah Rukh, and earned a lot of success in box office and the critics coloumn.


After having the script read, even Aamir said that the movie would suit Salman. But Salman was not able to do the movie and thus Aamir himself did the movie and went on to make it a great hit.


Directed by Mansoor Khan, the movie Josh was about local gang wars. The lead role of Max was to be given to Salman Khan. But suffering lack of time, Salman didn’t do the movie. The movie was played by Shah Rukh, and went on to become a hit one.

Kal Ho Naa Ho

A Dharma Production movie that went on to become a huge success commercially was rejected by Salman Khan. The role played by Saif was to be portrayed by Salman Khan. But due to the internal cold conflict between Salman and Shah Rukh, Salman rejected the movie then, as Shah Rukh also had a role in the movie. The film later went on to be a huge hit.

These are the Superhit Films Rejected by Salman Khan. What do you think, if Salman have done these movies, will have gone blockbuster? Yeah! Who knows !!