Tera Suroor: Box Office Prediction and Complete Analysis

We all have seen Aap Ka Suroor, that one movie that Himesh Reshammiya played and went viral on theatres. The sequel to the movie, entitled as Tera Suroor, also stars Farah Karimi as lead and Naseerudin Shah, Kabir Bedi and many more as supporting actors. Tera Suroor is scheduled to release on 11th March, 2016. Today we take a look at the movie’s progress and promos so far and analyze how well it might do in the box office.

How the movie goes

In Aap Ka Suroor, Himesh was accused of murdering a TV Journalist. In this movie, Himesh plays the role of a guy who is defending his girlfriend who has been charged with murder. He fights to prove that his girlfriend has been charged with wrong charges. He gets involves in a lot of fights including lawyers and actual murderers leaving everyone with the question that Is she really innocent?

Himesh will be seen semi-nude and muscular in the movie. He can also be seen in action holding a gun. The movie has many soundtracks and of course there are classic old and a lot of new Himesh hits in the movie.

Tera Suroor Box Office Prediction and Complete Analysis


The movie’s trailer that was released on youtube on 27th January, 2016 has now crossed over 5 million views. It is clear that the trailer has gone viral as it has reached a huge sum of views in such short time frame. The trailer clearly shows that unlike Aap Ka Suroor, Himesh will not be seen as a sweet singer, but as a violent character who doesn’t hesitate killing people.

The trailer leaves with the question that will Himesh be able to perform well in this character? Even though the trailer views are high in numbers, the actual theater views might not be as much. The impact of the trailer has left with a positivity that the movie can and will do better in the theatres though.

The stars

Himesh Reshammiya is a singer-turned-actor who have made hit songs but not as much hit movies. However, Aap Ka Suroor was well received, and hence the sequel is on its way. There are actors such as Kabir Bedi and Naseerudin Shah whose acting is, as we know it, gonna be just to the expectation. The presence of these experienced actors will surely be an advantage to the movie, but how well the movie does is obviously gonna be dependent upon the script.

Final Verdict

Tera Suroor is going to be a good movie with a thrilling story and quite a lot of action and surely great music and songs. The movie will do good commercially, but the movie isn’t bound to be one of the 100 Crores movie in Bollywood. The movie will gross profit and is not a movie which will go downhill financially. The trailer alone speaks that fans of Himesh are surely gonna watch the movie a lot and recommend it to the others.