Top Bollywood Inter-Religion Wed Couple

We know that in many society and culture, even inter-caste marriage is not supported. However, some big names in Bollywood have become an example that only love matters when it comes to getting married. And it’s true. These actors and actresses have really brought change to people’s mind when it comes to divide regarding religion. They have in one way united different culture into an union. Today we take a look at those Bollywood couples who are inter-religion married.

1) Shah Rukh and Gauri

Shah Rukh and Gauri

While Shah Rukh being a Khan, is obviously a Muslim by religion. But her wife, Gauri, doesn’t share the same religious belief. Not only this, the two were married in two different styles i.e. once in an Islamic culture and another in a Hindu tradition.

2) Sharmila and Mansoor

Sharmila and Mansoor

Saif’s mom Sharmila Tagore was a hit actress from 60’s. Though born and raised in a Hindu culture, she was later married to the then cricket captain of the Indian team Mansoor who was a Muslim by religion.

3) Kareena and Saif

Kareena and Saif

Kareena used to date the Hindu culture follower Shahid. After their breakup, she was married to Saif. Saif follows Islam while Kareena was born and raised a Hindu.

4) Nargis and Sunil

Nargis and Sunil

Nargis and Sunil were well known couple of inter-religion marriage from the past. The two were in love with each other while shooting of the movie Mother India was in progress. Nargis was a Muslim girl while Sunil Dutt was a Hindu guy.

5) Saif and Amrita

Saif and Amrita

Saif was married before as well. Before Kareena, Saif was married to Amrita who was 12 years older than him. We all know Saif was a Muslim and Amrita on the other hand was a Sikh.

6) Ritesh and Genelia

Ritesh and Genelia

Ritesh is the son of ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He has been in couple of movies with Genelia and has been in love with her since the time they were together in movies. The two were married in recent years. Genelia is a Christian while Ritesh is a Hindu.

7) Ayesha and Farhan

Ayesha and Farhan

Ayesha Takia was born and raised in a Gujarati Hindu culture. She was married to an Indian Muslim politician Farhan Azmi. They were married on 2009.

8) Kabir- Mini

Kabir- Mini

The director of Bajrangi Bhaijan, Mr. Kabir Khan, was married to Mini Mathur whom we well know from her Television career. Mini is a girl from Hindu culture while Kabir is a Muslim.

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