‘Welcome to Karachi’ Review and Story

Welcome to Karachi is an action comedy movie, directed by Ashish R Mohan and produced by Vashu Bhagnani and Uzair Junejo. The film features Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani in lead roles. We are presenting ‘Welcome to Karachi’ Review and Story.

Starcast of Welcome to Karachi

Directed by : Ashish R Mohan

Produced by : Vashu Bhagnani and Uzair Junejo

Starring : Arshad Warsi, Jackky Bhagnani, Lauren gottlieb

Written by : Vrajesh Hirjee

Screenplay by : Kushal Bakshi, Ashish R Mohan

Music by : Rochak Kohli, Jeet Ganguly, Komail Shayan (KK), Amjad Nadeem

Cinematography : Mark Nutkins

Production Company : Puja Entertainment

Distributed by : AA Films

Release date : 29 May 2015

'Welcome to Karachi' Review and Story

Story of Welcome to Karachi

Ashish R. Mohan’s “Welcome to Karachi” unfurls a story full of humor performed jointly by Arsahad Warsi (Shammy Thakur) and Jackky Bhagnani (Kedar Patel). Arshad, an ex-Naïve officer came to drown a submarine that results him to stay together with Jackky Bhagnani after his nonsense reason given for drowning the ship to the investigation team. Jackky Bhagnani (Kedar Patel), son of Dalip Tahil (Mitesh Patel) is insipid character. And Mitesh himself is fed-up with his son’s silly acts. Jackky has a dream for the U.S. but his inane answer and act in the interview with a US agent make him stay in India. Humour drags the story forward combining the silly acts of Arshad and Jackky.

Mitesh suggests to the idiots (Arshad and Jackky) to stay at the shore in a boat till to the arrival of wedding guests but Jackky understands it literally and asks Arshad to sail the boat rightly after the guests’ arrival at the shore. In fact they are supposed to receive the guests. Their stuck in the sea storm unconsciously sails them to recently bomb-barded Pakistani shore that pushes them for chain of unpredictable droll activities.

In hospital they realize they were in Pakistan where mighty bullets are the friends of the Pakistani rather than humans themselves. Even a tea-seller in front of the Indian consulate in Karachi possesses a gun for his own protection. To protect themselves from the horrendous land, they flee from the hospital disguising themselves on a doctor’s dress by Arshad and Sherwani by Jackky but arrive at to deliver a child at a don’s house using idiotic vacuum cleaner. These two silly characters has become the target point for a Pakistani agent which suspects them as the culprit for the bombard at the Karachi sea coast.

Lauren Gottlieb, a Pakistani agent meets them in front of the Indian consulate in Karachi, tries to encounter them there but invites bullet firing among different countries: Israel, China, the US, Russia, Ukraine and more suspecting one another. Audiences can’t help laughing watching such serious matter presented in entertaining way.

On their way to escape to India in a car, they unconsciously fall in a woven-web of a Taliban leader who pretend to show their way home, instead handover them to another terrorist in a hideaway. There they got a tough there training able to shoot a target perfectly. However they always dream to reach home to free own self from all troubles. Destiny, on the other hand, added more challenges in their life as they ingenuously detonate Taliban camps with a remote that seems like the mobile phone through which they want to phone home to Jackky’s skeptic father for their assist.

They try to escape from there only to lay down their arms in front of the American Spy agents, who celebrate a party sensationalizing the success of the Taliban Camp destruction is their own. On the other hand, a corrupt Pakistani leader embellishes vigorous deed accomplished by so called secret Pakistani armies: Ittefaq and wattefaq. Moreover, the presentation of two insipid characters’ parents from the Pakistani T.V personality to prove Ittefaq and wattefaq as Pakistani citizens is not less humorous.

Their abduction by American-spy agents takes them to an airport on the condition that Arshad and Jackky would acclaim the hand of American spy for the Taliban Camp obliteration as they reach India. The plot takes a bit serious turn when Arshad and Jackky notice a Taliban agent as a masquerade pilot to fly a plane with innocent teen-age players aboard. With all their might they try to save the people aboard making the masquerade pilot unconscious but unaware themselves to fly the airliner. God knows what’s next in their life!

I Have to Say

The movie abounds the chain of events in such a way that audiences’ sullen mood turns to convulsions. The words weigh humorous value primarily spoken by Arshad and Jackky. Arshad weighty performances overshadow Jackkey who simply seems a learner-performer in the movie. However, his way of producing word-sound weighs a bit value relatively to performance. Their unconscious journey, which leads to unconscious heroism, is admirable. Lauren Gottlieb’s role counts minimal and audiences feel her colour at the final dance entitled Shakira (song) only.

Ashish R. Mohan seems to bind every bit and fragments of the story with humorous projection through characters. Vrajesh Hirjee’s story seems to make fun out of nothing. Choreography is average. The song entitled ‘chal bhaag nahi toh G pe laat pad jayegi.’ by Wajid fits the story.

My Recommendation

This movie is perfect for the audiences who like the movie with illogical drama and story. If your choice is different, skip this movie.

My Rating

2 on 5.

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