Why Watch Kapoor And Sons ?

Kapoor and Sons hit the screen couple weeks ago, on 18th of March. The movie kind of received mixed reviews which confused audiences on whether or not to hit the theatres for the movie. For many of such audience who have still not glanced at the movie at all, we are about to give all the reasons to watch the movie (if still running in theaters, or rent out the DVD). By second week, the movie was able to collect 120 Crores plus. Here are top reasons to watch this recently released 2016 movie.

1. Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan in kapoor and sons

Fawad Khan who wowed crowd with Khubsoorat in 2014 steps up to this film as a lead again. Audience can’t get enough of this Pakistani handsome hunk actor. This is his third film as a lead. Apart from movies, he does theaters and TVs. In every section he steps in, he has made his fans go crazy for him. The romantic and exciting role of Fawad in the movie has amazed the fans.

2. Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor in kapoor and sons

Rishi Kapoor alone is enough to give a reason to watch a movie. But we won’t only be seeing the normal elderly character in this movie which he often plays. He has been made up with expensive make-ups to give him the look of a cute and very very old grandfather. This is the first time Rishi will be playing an old-aged character.

3. Love Triangle

love triangle in sons and kapoor

Aaliyah and Siddharth, who in real life are together, will be tangled in a love triangle in this movie. Yes, Fawad -Aalia-Siddharth will be seen in a love triangle in the movie which gives the movie a lot of twists and turns. Don’t worry, we won’t be spoiling it for you by telling you guys who will win Aaliya.( Keep guessing though)

4. Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah

Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah in kapoor and sons

Rajat Kapoor is one of the most well liked actors for Bollywood with his simple and realistic roles in every movies. In this movie too, him being a part of big Kapoor family and his chemistry with Ratna Pathak, is truly splendid. The two are one of the reason to watch the movie as their husband-wife portrayal in the movie is superb.

5. Karan Johar Production

karan johar

The movie is a Dharma Production movie. So it can be undoubtedly said that the movie will be complete entertainment package. As it is in most of Karan’s movies, the movie will have a lot of comedy and emotions, with drama as the main theme.

So, to those of you who still are skeptic about the movie, do catch this one as soon as possible. The year-end holiday season might be a lot boring, and watching this movie will surely make everyone’s time entertained.

These are the reasons for why watch kapoor and sons movie. Have something to add to this post? Please add on comment box.